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Ideas for the bachelor party and bachelorette party

You are supposed to organize a bachelor / bachelorette party? Then here is a helpful guide around the topic of finding ideas and organization, so that everything is thought of for the bachelor party!

Before getting to the organization, there are basic things that should be clarified at the beginning:

Since the organization of a bachelor party usually involves a lot of effort and time, you should not face this task completely alone. For this, it is worth asking siblings or close friends of the bride/groom for help. On the one hand, it will help you delegate time-consuming tasks. On the other hand, the people who now take on a supporting role should be pleased to be involved in the planning of the bachelor party / bachelorette party.

The planning of the bachelor party: date and duration are crucial

First of all, it is important to set a suitable date. Of course, the bachelor or bachelorette should have time during the day. The time availability of the closest friends is also crucial. The date of the bachelor party should have a certain time distance from the wedding - after all, you want to prevent a hangover at the altar...

The duration also plays an important role. After all, it depends on which bachelor party activities come into question at all. Depending on the project, usually a full day or even several days are taken up here, for example, to undertake a short trip.

Bachelor party - Who do you invite?

Depending on the groom's preference, the bachelor party or bachelorette party can be planned either in a close circle or as a large group. About 10-15 people is a good number so that you can divide the costs so that no one is too burdened. But be sure to pay attention to time management here. The larger the group, the longer things like hotel check-in will take.

After the list of participants has been clarified, a rough budget should be set, which each participant can come to terms with. Of course, you can influence the total cost. Here the rule is: Who books early, saves. A bachelor party is also possible for little money. Just think about how much money you want to invest in the bachelor party maximum. Should the budget be tight, you can now look for party ideas for little money!

Relaxed ideas for the bachelorette party

Let's get to the most important part - the activities. Here you need to weigh what kind of events the bride/groom will enjoy the most. Is she/he more the quiet type? Or is she/he a sports fanatic? Does she/he prefer it fancy and exclusive? Or should the bachelor party be first and foremost a lively pub crawl?

Once you have clarified this question, it should not be difficult for you to come up with the right bachelor party ideas. The following overview should help you find the perfect bachelor party idea:


Or rather the modern city rally? With geocaching, you are equipped with a GPS device and set off in search for an interesting treasure.

Escape Room

Are you fascinated by puzzles and love to search for clues? Then a stay in an Escape Room is just right for you!

Outdoor Escape Game

This kind of smartphone treasure hunt combines city rally, geocaching and Escape Room and will inspire your party crew! The Escape Game from myCityHunt is already available for $ 12,99 per person.

Whiskey Tasting

A whiskey tasting is just the thing for connoisseurs and can help break the ice. However, one should keep in mind that whiskey tastings are not exactly cheap, so they are not suitable for a bachelor party with a small budget.

Wellness day

A spa day is especially popular for a bachelorette party. However, you should find out in advance whether the bride does not want more action for her bachelorette party.

Our favorite: scavenger hunt as a bachelor party

As a central program item of the bachelor party or bachelorette party, a scavenger hunt through the city is a good idea. Interesting riddles, unusual tasks and a city walk meet here. It combines several aspects that enrich the bachelor party.

You are visiting a city that is foreign to the bride/groom or you have participants with you who do not yet know his/her hometown? Get to know the city and yourself in a playful way! After all, the bachelor party scavenger hunt doesn't just guide you from A to B, i.e. from sight to sight, but challenges you with varied puzzles. Why not divide into two opposing teams and compete against each other for points! Such a scavenger hunt can be easily integrated into the daily schedule of your bachelor party, as it has a manageable length with a duration of two to three hours. In addition, you are not dependent on opening hours or agreed dates: You start the scavenger hunt with the push of a button on your smartphone, when you want and when it fits into your day. Keep in mind that bachelor parties that are planned too tightly, with constant glances at the clock determining the rhythm, are no fun. It is good to have a flexible program item such as the bachelor party scavenger hunt on the program in between. At the same time it can be combined with other program points: Thus, it is possible to think of rewarding oneself with a round of hopping after each successfully completed task of the bachelor party scavenger hunt, while each failure will result in an embarrassing action for the bride/groom. Here it would be possible to gradually add silly clothes and accessories. There are no limits to your ideas!

Time and duration of the scavenger hunt at the bachelor party are as already mentioned flexible manageable. Breaks are also possible! So you can find out in advance the exact route of the bachelor party scavenger hunt and take a lunch break in a restaurant that is on the way or seek cool refreshment in a beer garden.

Another strong argument for the scavenger hunt at the bachelor party is the unbeatable price: $ 12,99 per person (e.g. at myCityHunt) fits into any budget!

We summarize for you once again the key points of a scavenger hunt at a bachelor party clearly:

  • You get to know the city in a playful way - sightseeing with a difference!
  • The participants of the bachelor party get to know each other - the scavenger hunt as an icebreaker
  • The hunt for points can be organized as a competition
  • No time and no deadline pressure, you are 100% flexible
  • The bachelor party scavenger hunt can be combined with other program items
  • Unbeatable price

Action packed bachelor party ideas

Wake boarding

Looking for exciting ideas for a bachelor party? Then wake boarding is a must do for every water fan. Adrenaline kick included!!


You want something special for the bachelor party? Then give the bride/groom an unforgettable experience of body flying. It is guaranteed that he/she has never experienced something like this before!

Survival Camp

Prove your survival skills and experience an unforgettable bachelor party. This event will not be forgotten so quickly!

Beer bike ride

If the weather is nice, take the beer bike for a leisurely ride around and have a few beers to kick things off.

Sports ideas for bachelor parties

If you are rather looking for an adventure trip full of adrenaline, we have the following suggestions for you:

With paintball you get your money's worth! Precision, concentration and a lot of action will make the party something very special! Are you more of a motorsports fan? Then get on a quad bike, race through the mud and jump over hills. A race that you will not forget so quickly. The ski slope is like a second home for the bride or groom? Then take a few days and make a short trip to the nearest ski resort! Enjoy the beautiful slopes during the day and celebrate together at the après-ski in the evening!

Exuberant bachelor party ideas for the party night

You like it fancy and extravagant? Then a stretch limousine should not be missing! Let us pick you up like the stars and drive you in a limousine to the clubs of your choice. Alternatively, in case of a larger group, you can also opt for a round trip with a party bus.

A little less glamorous, but no less exciting, is a pub crawl. This is organized in many cities by commercial organizers. The advantage of an organized pub crawl is that you're out and about in a larger group, so you also get to know other bachelor party groups!

Of course, the different bachelor party ideas can also be combined with each other. For example, the day can start with a spa treatment before continuing with an outdoor escape game. Finally, there is an unforgettable pub crawl through the best bars in town.

Once you have found the perfect bachelor party idea, it is important to clearly divide the tasks! Who will take care of the photos? Who will take care of the catering? Who will take care of the travel? What costume will the bride/groom wear? Is accommodation provided? All these things need to be clearly allocated. You should allow about 12 weeks for the complete planning. Create a checklist for yourself so that you have everything in overview.

Everything at a glance

Here again the most important organizational steps at a glance:

  • Set date and duration with the bride/groom
  • Inform participants about the event
  • Set rough budget
  • Plan activities and work out concrete sequence
  • Consider plan B for unexpected events (e.g. bad weather)
  • Set costumes
  • Distribute tasks and set a deadline
  • Organize travel and accommodation for participants
  • Provide catering
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Organize a scavenger hunt for a bachelor party yourself or book it?

Equipped with the above information, you have already taken a big step towards creating your scavenger hunt for a bachelor party or bachelorette party. However, you will have noticed that there are many things to consider and that developing your scavenger hunt takes a lot of time. There is also the question of whether the participants will like their scavenger hunt puzzles in the end. Therefore, it is worth considering whether you want to plan and organize the scavenger hunt yourself or whether you would prefer to use a tried and tested concept. In the following table, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Organize yourself
Pros & cons self-organization
Book tickets
Pros & cons ticket booking
Very time consuming Simple booking
  • Correct level of difficulty difficult to estimate
  • Extensive research
  • A lot of creativity needed
  • Already played over 1,479,000 times
  • Optimized concept
  • Elaborately designed tours
Paper only Intuitive web application
Free of charge (except material costs) Not free of charge
Customizable Not customizable
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