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myCityHunt - The Treasure Hunt for your Smartphone

Xmas Adventure Liberec

$ 12,99

Xmas Adventure Liberec

Christmas scavenger hunt in the fresh air: Play the myCityHunt Christmas adventure in Liberec now!

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Prepare to be whisked away into a realm brimming with secrets and marvels eagerly awaiting your discovery. Right in the enchanting heart of Liberec, where the pre-Christmas magic is almost tangible, an exhilarating quest has emerged. A cryptic treasure map, a legacy from a sagacious businessman enjoying his golden years, holds the promise of an invaluable treasure for those who can outwit the puzzle marathon first. But wait, there's more to it than meets the eye – this map is infused with the holiday spirit and conceals a secret far beyond mere gold and glitter. What could possibly compel this gentleman to share his fortune before Santa's sleigh even takes off? Lace up those winter boots, rally your most clever friends, and embark on a festive Scavenger Hunt in Liberec to unveil the mystery!

Xmas Adventure: Uncover the Magic of Liberec

Picture yourself meandering through Liberec's twinkling streets, clutching the treasure map like it's the last piece of Christmas pie. Every nook of the city, from the storied Town Hall to the grandeur of the iQlandia Science Center, might just be the key to your next clue. This Yuletide Scavenger Hunt will lead you not only to hidden corners but also to the tales that weave the fabric of the city. Can you crack the conundrums posed by Liberec's own spirit of Christmas? Let the festive vibes lift your spirits and be the first to unravel the next piece of the holiday puzzle on your merry quest!

Christmas Celebration in Liberec: A Festivity of Togetherness

What's a Christmas celebration in Liberec without a dash of thrill and camaraderie? Gather your nearest and dearest, whether kin or comrades, and dive headfirst into the adventure. All you need is a ticket, a smartphone, and a dash of daring to embrace the unknown. The Xmas Adventure is playable at any time, allowing you to chart your own course through the wintry cityscape. And when the chill starts nipping at your nose, make a pit stop at Liberec's enchanting Christmas market, where the scent of mulled wine and the sparkle of lights will thaw your frosty fingers. But keep your eyes on the prize – there's a treasure hidden somewhere in Liberec, waiting just for you!

And for those on the hunt for a standout Christmas party idea in Liberec, why not spice up the traditional gathering with an electrifying Scavenger Hunt? Plunge your colleagues and staff into a world of puzzles and mysteries for an end-of-year bash they'll never forget. After all, what's more delightful than solving riddles together while basking in the festive atmosphere of a Christmas celebration in Liberec? Accept the challenge and let the quest for the Christmas treasure become the centerpiece of your festivities!

Suitable for kids
Xmas Adventure - The digital scavenger hunt from myCityHunt!

How can we play?

How to start your Scavenger Hunt Liberec
1. Book
In our Ticket Shop you can book tickets for groups from 2 to 33 participants. These are valid for 6 months.
2. Redeem
By entering your ticket code you can start your Liberec Scavenger Hunt on your desired date via our app.
3. Discover
Together you will go on the hunt for tricky puzzles, shoot photos and master team tasks.
4. Win
During the hunt you collect points, which in the end decide your place in the highscores.

What happens during the tour?

Step by step you puzzle your way through the city
A video of our digital scavenger hunt - see myCityHunt in action!

Follow a myCityHunt scavenger hunt team on their tour through the city in our trailer and learn more about how a myCityHunt tour works.

Digital Scavenger Hunt  Liberec
Find locations
Using GPS navigation, our easy-to-use app guides you to the sights of your tour.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Liberec
Solve riddles
Once you have reached a location, we will present you with a tricky riddle.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Liberec
Master challenges
During the tour we send challenges to the phones of all registered players.
Digital Scavenger Hunt  Liberec
Collect points
For each successfully mastered task and challenge, we reward you with points.

Guided Tours for Corporate Clients

Based on long-standing experience, we know the special requirements that arise when planning a team event in Liberec. With the myCityHunt Teamevent in Liberec we have therefore developed a package especially for corporate clients. This extends our well-proven tours with a number of advantages that make our scavenger hunts the perfect teambuilding event in Liberec.

  • Support by myCityHunt guides via chat
  • Shared image gallery and highscore
  • Participation certificates with team photo & team name (as PDF)
  • Interconnection through team chat
  • Free rebooking (up to 7 days before the event)
  • Payment by credit card or PayPal
  • VAT invoice
Xmas Adventure Liberec

Xmas Adventure Liberec

The Christmas scavenger hunt in Liberec! Puzzle your way through the wintery Liberec as a team on the hunt for the Christmas treasure!

Christmas time is play time! Experience the gameplay of a scavenger hunt combined with the unique Christmas spirit - and all this in the fresh air! Together with your friends or family you go on a treasure hunt in Liberec. Equipped with your smartphone and ingenuity, you will find secret clues, crack Christmas riddles and experience the magic of the pre-Christmas season in Liberec. But beware: other treasure hunters are also on the hunt for the secret Christmas treasure! Will you and your fellow competitors succeed in finding it first?

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