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myCityHunt - The Treasure Hunt for your Smartphone

Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt

🔍 Treasure Hunt - The urban Scavenger Hunt Adventure
19,842 Customers have rated this tour: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

Become a treasure hunter and jump into an exciting and immersive story that lets you experience a real adventure in fictional locations in the city! Together with your team of specialists from various disciplines, you will solve tricky puzzles that are posed to you by digital characters in the form of videos, audios and images. Along the tour, we will also send each specialist on your team exciting challenges from their field of expertise. Will you be able to interpret all the clues correctly in order to ultimately determine the location of the hidden treasure?

Suitable for kids
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt - The new digital city adventure from myCityHunt!

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Experience a city of your choice from a whole new perspective! myCityHunt treasure hunts are the perfect combination of an outdoor scavenger hunt and a thrilling mystery story. Experience tricky puzzles combined with an exciting treasure hunt through a city of your choice. Our treasure hunt is the perfect idea for a family excursion or a birthday party!

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The myCityHunt treasure hunt combines exercise in the fresh air with the search for a legendary treasure! Discover your favorite city by taking part in an exciting adventure story and follow the traces of the legendary Order of the Temple through the streets and alleys of over 1,000 cities throughout Europe.

Solve an exciting case full of mystery, murder and intrigue. Who do you think is involved? Who has a motive? And what does all this have to do with the Order of the Temple? The authorities are at a complete loss. Help them bring order to the chaos, interpret the clues correctly, catch the culprit and finally track down the hiding place of a treasure. Put together your team of investigators and solve the tricky case, before other treasure hunters do!

With our smartphone treasure hunt you will not only pass the sights of your city, but also solve an adventurous mystery case that you have never seen before. We will take you on a tricky search for a secret treasure of the Order of the Temple all over your city. With tricky puzzles and keeping your eyes open for hidden clues, you will discover the most remarkable places in a city of your choice as part of a criminal case.

The treasure hunt is suitable for both young and old! Whether a hen party, birthday celebration or family outing, with the myCityHunt treasure hunt you can make your special day something unique. Slip into the different roles of our city rally and playfully discover your own or a completely different city. Turn your city into a field of adventure and embark on an extraordinary treasure hunt. Puzzle your way through your city in the style of an escape room.

Unlike a free walking tour, the treasure hunts of myCityHunt turn your smartphone into a personal tour guide. Guided by your mobile phone you walk through your city and discover it bit by bit! And here everyone is called for: each team member slips into an important role and helps to solve the challenging case. Who in your team is a born investigator? Who has the eye of an archaeologist? And who has what it takes to be a code-breaker? Many different roles and characters await you and your team of investigators. Every single role challenges the most different skills and ensures an unforgettable experience for each participant.

A mysterious treasure map is part of the game ... Inscribed with mysterious signs and symbols, it will help you to solve the riddles of this exciting case. To unveil the mystery of the Templar treasure, you will decipher the mysterious map with reason and ingenuity, solve the tasks you have been set and set out in search of clues. Only if you manage to combine and unite the different strengths of your team of investigators can you solve the tricky case and find a treasure hidden long, long ago!

You will become more and more involved in mysterious events. What previously seemed so simple is now turning everything upside down. The developments in the case will always present you with new challenges. Follow the trail and find logic in seemingly absurd situations. Do you have that special instinct to interpret the clues and follow the lead? Solve the puzzles and close in on the location of the treasure!

Treasure hunters need breaks too! In your search for clues through the city, you will pass all kinds of places worth seeing that invite you to linger. Use this to take a deep breath and soak up the atmosphere of the city. Take the time for pretty souvenir photos or a coffee with a view. Stuck on a puzzle? Organize your thoughts with a little break. Perhaps you will discover the solution to the puzzle in your surroundings.

And this is how you start your personal myCityHunt smartphone city rally: book your ticket, redeem your code, discover the city - become a winner!

Embark on new adventures and experience unforgettable moments with friends and family! All you need is a smartphone with a camera, GPS and mobile data function. You don't need to install an app, because your personal ticket QR code takes you to the myCityHunt web app. The fun starts immediately! Are you ready to unravel the mystery of the mysterious Templar treasure?

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