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myCityHunt - The Treasure Hunt for your Smartphone

Treasure Hunts

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Become a treasure hunter and jump into an exciting and immersive story that lets you experience a real adventure in fictional locations in the city! Together with your team of specialists from various disciplines, you will solve tricky puzzles that are posed to you by digital characters in the form of videos, audios and images. Along the tour, we will also send each specialist on your team exciting SMS challenges from their field of expertise. Will you be able to interpret all the clues correctly in order to ultimately determine the location of the hidden treasure?

Suitable for kids
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt - The new digital city adventure from myCityHunt!

Treasure Hunt

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Experience a city of your choice from a whole new perspective! myCityHunt treasure hunts are the perfect combination of an outdoor scavenger hunt and a thrilling mystery story. Experience tricky puzzles combined with an exciting treasure hunt through a city of your choice. Our treasure hunt is the perfect idea for a bachelor party, family excursion or birthday party!

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"myCityHunt is a great way to explore a city!"

Vanessa L.

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Alejandro R.

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"Creative tasks, great features and a great app!"

Stefan B.

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"Awesome trip for friends and family!"

Thorsten K.

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