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myCityHunt - The Treasure Hunt for your Smartphone

Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger hunt meets sightseeing tour! Our scavenger hunt tours are a fun and exciting new way to discover a city on a self-guided tour. Along the way you will get to see the most important sights as well as some hidden spots that even locals don’t know. At each stop a tricky riddle awaits you. Can you find the hidden clues on buildings and statues around you? On your way between the riddle locations we keep you entertained by sending riddles and photo tasks to every member of your team.

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Scavenger Hunt
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Are you fed up with ordinary, guided city tours? Do you prefer exploring cities on your own? Then the myCityHunt scavenger hunt is the right choice for you!

Now you're asking yourself: "Isn't a scavenger hunt totally outdated and only for children?" - Not with myCityHunt! Experience an exciting and varied tour along the most remarkable sites in your favorite city. Enjoy the tasks and puzzles of our scavenger hunt all over town. Experience a unique and interactive city exploration - and all this without a guide. Because on our scavenger hunt, your mobile phone becomes your tour guide and leads you through the historic city centers of Europe.

On the myCityHunt smartphone scavenger hunt, you discover each city’s exclusive character in a playful and unique way. During your city tour, you will solve all kinds of puzzles, brainteasers, and challenges. Whether it's a photo task in which you imitate a statue or a tricky riddle where you are supposed to crack a code. Our multifaceted challenges not only let you prove your analytical skills but also demand a high degree of creativity and teamwork. Each participant gets involved to solve tasks and to gain valuable points!

An integral part of our scavenger hunt tasks is the focus on the city itself. At well-known sights of the city, you will learn exciting information about the local culture and history and fascinating anecdotes. Did you know that Madrid hosts the world's oldest restaurant? Or that Amsterdam has more bicycles than inhabitants? The facts and stories you learn on your myCityHunt tour are related specifically to that city. The scavenger hunt is designed so that it offers a unique experience not only to visitors but also to locals. Even city experts will hear previously-unknown anecdotes and  experience the city’s lighthearted and spirited side. The myCityHunt scavenger hunt will not only take you to the most famous corners but also to hidden gems known only to locals.

The scavenger hunt also takes you to parks, alleys, and river promenades, offering you plenty of opportunities to relax. Use the time along the tour to stop at the most beautiful corners, take photos, or have a coffee. You decide when and where you want to take a break. Our smartphone scavenger hunt's versatile and creative tasks also allow you to create many precious memories. For example, take spectacular pictures during a photo challenge or create beautiful works of art during one of our creative tasks.
Whether you want to experience the interactive city rally in Barcelona's urban jungle or in the tranquil city of Heidelberg: Throughout Europe, you can enjoy the myCityHunt scavenger hunt in countless towns.

In contrast to a free walking tour, you are not guided through the city by a city guide but by our modern smartphone web application. This does not require any prior installation but can be started simply by entering your ticket's QR code in a mobile phone browser. The ticket code launches your own game in a city of your choice. The only thing you need to get the scavenger hunt started is a smartphone with internet access for each participant and a smart group of players ready to crack our high score.

At our myCityHunt scavenger hunt, every participant gets involved: At the beginning of the smartphone tour, each player is assigned a role – you can choose from various options. Each role receives exciting tasks to solve, which will increase your score considerably. The "photographer", the "detective" or the "trivia king" - each role has different particular tasks that challenge everyone!

Whoever manages to combine the team members' different strengths increases the chances of beating the high score which is hotly contested by numerous competitors every day in cities between Lisbon and Stockholm. So inventiveness and a logical approach to the tricky puzzles are a must if you want to assert yourself by being immortalized in the list of the very best.

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