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Xmas Adventure

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Xmas Adventure

🎄 Xmas Adventure - The Christmas Scavenger Hunt
2,972 Customers have rated this tour: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Christmas time is play time! Experience the gameplay of a scavenger hunt combined with the unique Christmas spirit - and all this in the fresh air! Together with your friends or family you go on a treasure hunt in a city of your choice. Equipped with your smartphone and ingenuity, you will find secret clues, crack Christmas riddles and experience the magic of the pre-Christmas season. But beware: other treasure hunters are also on the hunt for the secret Christmas treasure! Will you and your fellow competitors succeed in finding it first?

Suitable for kids
Xmas Adventure

Experience the puzzle fun of a scavenger hunt combined with the Christmas charm of a city of your choice. Our Xmas Adventure is the perfect idea for your Christmas outing with friends or family! Immerse yourself in a diverse Christmas story, packed with varied puzzles and full of Christmas spirit!

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Christmas: a time of peace, joy, family and friends. And a time for riddles! With myCityHunt X-Mas Adventure you will experience a scavenger hunt of a special kind - and in a city of your choice!

An eccentric millionaire has left behind a mysterious treasure map. Does it lead to the hiding place of his wealth or is it the last great joke of an eccentric old man? Only one thing is certain: he succumbed to the unique magic of Christmas in the past – now he’s bringing it back to life with his treasure hunt. Mulled wine, Christmas tree lights and gingerbread were his passion. Now embark on a winter scavenger hunt and uncover the great Christmas mystery! But be on your guard: you are not the only treasure hunters who want to give themselves a particularly rich present this year...

The Christmas scavenger hunt for the whole family

Grab your smartphone and reinforce your team with friends and family members. Step by step, you'll solve tricky puzzles, crack codes and find more clues about where the legendary treasure might be hidden. Your smartphone will use all of its multimedia capabilities and has evocative videos and sound recordings ready for you. Letting you fully immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere. At the same time, it acts as an electronic compass: using GPS navigation, it guides you and your companions through the festive city and presents the riddles at various locations. In this way, the entire city center with its old churches, alleys and walls becomes your playing field - and of course, a visit or two to the local Christmas market will reward your effort. The atmosphere heats up during our X-Mas scavenger hunt, but warming mulled wine or hot chocolate can't hurt!

Scavenger hunt for young and old

Whether you complete this Christmas smartphone scavenger hunt with your partner, your family or your friends: all players are right in the middle of the action! Before you set off on the hunt for the Christmas treasure, you choose different characters: for example, take on the role of a carol singer or a gift bearer. You have a Christmas grump in your ranks? Then put him in the role of the Grinch! We'll send you atmospheric bonus tasks to your cell phone that match your characters and reveal many exciting facts about the most wonderful holiday of the year.

It's also exciting to look at the all-time high score: will you and your group manage to collect even more points than the Christmas treasure hunters before and after you? We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Company Christmas party: Christmas adventure with colleagues

Your corporate Christmas party takes you and your colleagues to a restaurant with Christmas delicacies? Why not combine the culinary component of your Christmas party with a Christmas scavenger hunt? You will experience the winterly city from its most beautiful side and the activity in the fresh air will stimulate your appetite - so the following Christmas dinner will taste twice as delicious and the Christmas party will be an unforgettable highlight! We are specialized in Christmas parties of any kind. Are you planning a Christmas party with several program points or just a joint excursion to the Christmas market? The myCityHunt X-Mas Adventure is the perfect active component for any company Christmas party!

Christmas adventures anytime and anywhere

We offer the X-Mas Adventure in many major cities. Whether Madrid, London or Rome - each of these metropolises has its very own exceptional glow and can be enjoyed through entirely new eyes. However, the unique game design allows us to send you on the hunt for the Christmas treasure in numerous small towns as well. After all, every place unfolds its very special charm at Christmas time and is just waiting to be explored by you and your fellow competitors!

No question: the myCityHunt X-Mas scavenger hunt is the perfect addition to your Christmas getaway. So dive into your very own unforgettable Christmas adventure!

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